The Cannabinoid Protocol Certification

With nearly 50 videos covering all relevant topics on various cannabinoids, this certification is all you need to help your patients make the most informed decisions about their health.

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The Cannabinoid Protocol Certification

The Cannabinoid Protocol Certification brings you in-depth knowledge from a leader in applied endocannabinoid protocols with years of clinical experience and dozens of symptoms and condition-specific trainings based on core, science-based concepts, tools, and applications.

Get the right information from an expert, Board Certified MD.
Get clear and concise, research-based training on CBD and other cannabinoids, from an expert in the field. This certification will prepare you to give the most informed medical advice to your patients and clients, helping them to receive the absolute best care available.

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Anxiety & PTSD

The scientific community has started examining the effect of cannabis on anxiety, and the verdict is that short-term benefits do exist.

Movement Disorders

I will discuss the clinical trials, case studies and other basis of ongoing research related to the adminstration of cannabinoids for the symtoms of a range of movement disorders.


Currently, there is some evidence that CBD can help to alleviate specific symptoms and improve behavior of those on the autism spectrum, but research into the safety and efficacy of this is in its earliest stages

Gut Health

Overview, nausea, appetite, IBS and IBD, pancreas, liver, small intestine and colon health


Overview and treatment, mechanism of action of cancer regulation


It appears that for those struggling with sleep, cannabis is a medicine that they reach for with good results. Learn about the research here.

Chronic Pain

If you have patients with chronic widespread pain, you know treating this pain can be difficult. Learn how cannabinoid products may aid in the treatment of chronic pain.


Overview, Immune modifications associated with cannabis, blood-brain barrier and microglia, inflammatory/immune mediator modulations, IBD studies


Overview, diagnosis and treatment, studies outlined in detail

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Elevate Your Cannabinoid Knowledge

Expert, peer reviewed data in an easy to learn course. This certification is integral to your practice.

Final Exam

Evaluation to obtain your certification is through a final exam. You will be asked to answer questions related to the materials found in the course.

Annual Re Cert

Maintaining your certification is straightforward. Mary Clifton, MD supports you by continuing to offer new information, based on the cutting-edge science and offers an annual re certification to verify you have maintained your expert knowledge of the field.

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